What is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting is the professional planning and management of a firm’s SEO strategies. SEO consulting services include expert advice from veteran SEO specialists. A website SEO consultant optimizes website attributes to help it get high rankings when people search for relevant keywords.

An expert SEO consultant’s objective is to position their client’s website at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). They analyze webpage characteristics and improve them. SEO consultants examine search engine algorithms and market developments to devise unique SEO strategies to broaden the digital footprint of a business.

Examples of SEO Services

Expert SEO consulting services include the following:

SEO Audit: Top consultants assess the SEO score of your website by inspecting current optimization levels. They also analyze areas of improvement and suggest feasible changes.

Technical SEO: SEO consulting services examine and modify technical factors to improve optimization levels. They can analyze the site’s loading speed, schema markups, security certifications, sitemap architecture, and more.

On-page SEO: The best SEO consultants evaluate on-site content and execute changes. Some examples of these modifications include the addition of high-value content, relevant keywords, and suitable HTML tags.

Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO services include changes beyond the firm’s website. SEO consulting services can improve off-page SEO by emphasizing their client’s domain authority. Backlink-building and content marketing are examples of off-page SEO services.

Local SEO: Many businesses target specific geographies while choosing their preferred audience demographics. Local SEO services can help such businesses gain visibility and leads in nearby areas. Strategic keyword usage and Google listings are some local SEO tactics.

Features of Our SEO Consulting Services

If you sign up for My Mogul Media’s SEO Services, you can experience the following features:

Personalized Support: When you sign up for our services, we assign a professional SEO consultant to your business. Our expert provides individualized attention to your business needs and curates a personalized SEO plan.

Round-the-Clock Support: We are available for you throughout your digital marketing exigencies. If you have an urgent issue with your SEO management, you can reach out to our team and expect stellar support from us.

Data-Driven Monitoring: We monitor the progress of our SEO strategies with real-time metrics. Our team delivers transparent and trustworthy SEO consulting services. Hence, we provide comprehensive reports about performance metrics to help you understand the impact of our solutions.

Cross-Industry Expertise: Our team members come from varied industry backgrounds. We understand the needs of different industries and verticals. Hence, we curate our strategies to suit the market needs of your business.

What Do My Mogul Media SEO Consulting Services Include?

Our SEO services include:

Local SEO

Technical SEO

On-page optimization


Content marketing for organic reach

We also offer added services to optimize your website based on your unique requirements.

Why choose My Mogul Media as my SEO Consultant?

My Mogul Media is your go-to agency for SEO consultancy services because we deliver high-impact results at affordable rates. Our team focuses on increasing your RoI through a holistic optimization process.

Our professional SEO consultants conduct a 360-degree analysis of your business to create tailormade strategies. They provide fantastic customer service to ensure every client has a seamless experience. Choose us today to experience the following advantages:

Personalized plans

Data-driven analysis

Timely execution and delivery of results

Sustainable strategies for long-term impact

Unparalleled customer support

  • Are SEO consultancy services expensive?

    No, they are very cost-effective as they bring high returns in the long term. SEO’s organic reach can minimize your reliance on paid promotions and boost your overall brand awareness.

  • Will adding a lot of keywords to my content improve my SEO score?

    Not necessarily. Spamming can attract search engine penalties. A top SEO consultant can help you determine a suitable volume of keywords in your content.

  • What are crawling and indexing issues?

    These issues occur when search engines cannot find and list your site properly.

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